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Ingredients: Conversion focused utensils, ready-made templates and state-of-the-art eductaors pitch...
Ingredients: Conversion focused utensils, ready-made templates and state-of-the-art educators pitch

What do you do when an algorithm of a popular social media platform decides to suggest that you create a menu?

You create a menu of course!

So, here is mine, a menu tailored for educators wanting to share the taste of their expertise, knowledge and success.



  1. Install the Product Manager Plugin
  2. Install Plugins Suite


  1. Create first post (or, select from templates)
  2. Publish post


  1. Access More Beautiful Templates
  2. Create more…
  3. All-in-One Smoothie


Eat all you can from a choice of 10 dishes, plus, our main theme dish for the day.

Eat all you can in a Weekend.

Luminar AI Gallery

Before & After

Kissed by Luminar AI

A collection of images kissed by LuminarAI and created by photographers and photo-artist from around the globe.

Now, you too can discover how image processing has truly evolved to a place where the process towards creative photographers and artist realising their ideas has become less of a roadblock.

Read more: https://bit.ly/2GjzYXD

Kissed by Luminar AI – All the dramatics, without the drama.

All the dramatics, without the drama…


© zoonar

© PantherMediaSeller

© Anatoliy_gleb

© softwarefolder

© Ale72

© Imaginechina_Tuchong

© OlgaSinenkoBO

© edb3_16

Photo-Illustration App for Mac

Photo-Illustration with Luminar 4

One of the things I really like about the Photo-editing app, Luminar, is how simple it is to use, both as a standalone app or as a plugin extension. The interface is pretty minimalistic and doesn’t take too long in becoming familiar with.

This is especially useful if, like the majority of creators, you perform most of your editing or retouching tasks using Adobe Photoshop. For me, Luminar is like the digital music mastering tool you might use in order to polish the final production of a track.

London E1.

Providing your Mac is up-to-date and sufficiently endowed, Luminar works fine for most cases. You can learn more at Software Folder.

Presently, I have been using Luminar for Mac OS as a standalone app. And have yet to explore the layers feature. However, with the aid of Affinity Photo or Adobe Photoshop, I think I’d be more inclined to perform most of the more manipulative and tricky tasks in either of these two programs.

What do you use in your photo-editing workflow and for finalising your artwork pieces?

Project: Create New Folder

Software Folder Newsletter and Community Visual Branding.

Untangling the Links and Click between Creativity and Technology - New Folder

Welcome to New Folder

from: http://www.software-folder.com

There are so many routes towards getting there, and making the right decision can be fraught with unexpected costs, disappointing results, and technical roadblocks.

Which is why we are inviting you to be part of our growing and somewhat remote community.

The Problem With Luminar AI

The problem, at least for me, with Luminar AI, is that after achieving good looking results so fast, there is a tendency to explore further, and sometimes beyond what is necessary.

I suppose, that’s not really a problem, but for some photo-artist I can imagine what it must feel like, when say, typically you’d spend at least some time applying a few secret tricks before actually applying edit changes to your image. There’s a feeling of “…is that it?”

So… “is that it?”

Not quite. Because somehow, you’ll also discover that all the Photoshop skills you’ve learnt, although still relevant, is often not required when using Luminar AI. Which I suppose is why many Photo-Artist use both.

I personally have been using Luminar for preparing my images for both purely aesthetics and composing online content, since I was first introduced to, actually, Aurora HDR. And then Luminar…

Anyway, Luminar soon became the first standalone app I would reach for when the need for some image enhancing is required.

Luminar has also, since, moved on and has been rebuilt from the ground up using AI technology, which really does make a difference to the professional photgrapher.

*Learn where you can buy Luminar for a little less below (subject to availability and offers periods)

Superheroes are everywhere around us…

…in all we see and do. They pass us by with caring eyes and friendly smiles. They nurture us, save us, protect us, embrace us and rescue us. 

Our superheroes represent everyday humanity.
Our superheroes are everyday people; parents, loved ones, teachers, medical and emergency workers are just a few to mention but truly our superheroes can also be our farmer who provides sustainability, our garbage man who keeps our environment clean, no matter how little our jobs may be, we are the everyday superheroes of humanity.

– Kay Samuel

What makes a superhero?

Although, not quite sure how the whole “superhero,” or, rather “superpowers” thing started. But I do know that the term has been used for expressing the idea that every individual, out of their own uniqueness, has something special to share with the world. It’s just a matter of harnessing and allowing your passions and natural talents to flow alongside whatever it is you are doing.

Superheroes are everywhere, around us in all we see and do. They pass us by with caring eyes and friendly smiles. They nuture us, save us, protect us, embrace us and rescue us. Our superheroes represent everyday humanity. our superheroes are everyday people; parents, loved ones, medical workers, firemen, police officials are just a few to mention but truly our superheroes can also be our farmer who provides sustainability, our garbage man who keeps our streets clean, no matter how little our jobs may be, we are the everyday superheroes of humanity.

(originally posted on software-folder.com)

Who is Luminar AI?

A More Natural Photo Editing Experience

Luminar AI is the ‘brand new’, or rather, evolutionary rendition of previous Luninar versions. It’s ‘brand new’, becuase it has been totally rebuilt form scratch. But this time with AI technology right at the core.

Now, for those of us who are already familiar with Luminar, will know that the app has been established on the idea of simplifying the photo-editing process. So that busy photographers and photo artist can more readily perform ‘edits’ without the tedious, but also unnecessary, steps typically involved.

As a creative photographer, I am sure there is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you want to achieve, but just because you do not know how to create layers, masks, and get those marching ant things to come up on you screen, you can’t make the changes yourself…

Or maybe, you do know how to perform all the above. But wow, it seems like such a long winded process that also distracts from actually being creative.

And it does this all without fully taking away the tools that users already know and use.

However, when you do make use of the AI powered tools, its like magic, you’ll be smitten by the intuitiveness.

Wanna edit just the lips?

Without the hoopla involved with traditional photo-editing, Luminar AI will allow you to focus on specific areas of your photographs and edit, without physically masking items yourself. I said it was kinda like magic! But, let me explain. It’s not that there is no need for masking and the other fiddly bits, it’s just that you don’t have to do it yourself.

More photo editing magic

Anyway, other ‘magical’ features that will have you impressed include, how Luminar AI deals with replacing sky backgrounds. And then, allows you to further enhance the overall look and feel of your image based on the characteristics of the sky you have chosen.

More time to explore

The most noticeable thing about the new Luminar AI, compared to conventional photo editors, is the lack of steps required to perform an action… ”

Whilst this is notably true, this not to say that you’ll necessarily spend less time editing your photos. In fact, you’ll just have more time for exploring and being creative. What more can you ask for?

At the time of writing Luminar AI is unavailable to the public. So watch this space for new information, subscribe or discover more unsual content at softwarefolder.design

Do you still need physical music CDs and artwork packaging?

And how about CD duplication?

In the past, one of the many roadblocks for many independent musicians attempting to professionally put out their completed music for the first time, was the expenditure involved with the CD duplication of their music tracks, as well as producing the CD artwork and packaging. 

And with that came the compromise between going the full length and hiring a designer, or cutting corners?

a well presented music package adds value in a number of both practical and emotional ways that help make your work more memorable.

Of course, if your music is undoubtedly of high quality and desirable to its audience, it may well speak for itself. However, in most cases alongside competition, it goes without saying that, a well presented music package adds value in a number of both practical and emotional ways that help make your work more memorable.

However, in today’s digital world, distributing your music doesn’t necessarily mean producing physical CDs, but to produce a visual component that can translate in both realms in order to tell your story through the many different forms of content. [ Read on ]

1. Starting the process with the CD cover artwork

Now, if you are on route to following conventional practice, you may need to hire a graphic designer to produce the artwork for you. 

However, today there are so many of us that are pretty adept at carrying out such tasks ourselves. If this is you, all you’ll need to get started is a CD sleeve template