Going Bananas

International Food Fair & Banana Festival.

Whilst here in Saint Lucia, I recently helped with the annual International Food Fair on the behalf of the Southern Tourism Development Corporation.


For the event the Banana was highlighted as an important or significant commodity. The intention was to showcase exhibits that captured the different aspects of the Banana business, and tell the story of Saint Lucia’s History In The Export Banana Business, And Its Socio-Economic Impact.

You can view examples of the intended displays, videos and other related material here.

Some of the things I learnt about Bananas.


©realbigenvelope.com | Flowering Banana, Saint Lucia.

For one, I had never seen a flowering Banana plant before, nor did I have any idea that the Banana plant (or tree as it’s often called) is actually a herb. Never mind the fact that there are 1000’s of varieties worldwide…( learn more at lucianlime.co)



©2016 lucianlime.co | Packing Banana ( Fair Trade boxes)

I was also shown, courtesy of Winfresh, the complete process of Banana cultivating, right through to packing for export. I can tell you, there is a lot of emphasis on hygiene and ensuring that the quality of the produce meets the required standards.


The event was ‘branded’ with a specially designed logo incorporating an image of the Banana and conveying the Southern Tourism Development Corporation’s  embracing of the event. The logo elements are interchangeable and may contain different messages, colors and images for the individual exhibits, or even future events.

Learn More at Bananafestival-Replay



Hackney Conspired – George Orwell

George Orwell’s 1984 and Hackney

Hackney Orwell Conspired-800x

Studies that date back as far as 2007 have indicated that Britain has an overwhelming 4.2million plus CCTV cameras.  That’s like more-or-less a camera for every family in the country.

Although this count is not official, it is however the figure cited through academic research and as mentioned in House of Commons documents.

Big Brother is Watching You.

Some will say modern-day Britain is increasingly echoing George Orwell’s1984’ where he tells the story of a World governed with surveillance…

…But why ?

Didn’t Orwell already paint a dark enough picture of what life could be like under such a regime ? And yet we proceed down that very same route… Where do you think it will all end? And most of all why do we need to be watched anyway?


Tackling Crime with CCTV

Well you have to admit CCTV has been at the centre of capturing many an entertaining moment, where criminals have been foiled, but not necessarily caught, whilst in the act of committing a crime in the most funniest of ways – real comedy.

The thing is, in spite of being caught on camera, catching these criminals is another story… ….just watch the video below (or here), you’ll see what I mean.

1984 Revised – Mobile Phones and Video

One thing that may not have been considered in George Orwell’s fictional World is how the public will also become mini-big-brothers if you get my drift. Everyday people carrying Smartphones and other hand-held devices with a built-in video camera is certainly NOT uncommon these days. The other day whilst waiting for a bus heading towards Hackney, I made note of the number of people carrying a smartphone, or at least had their heads poised as if looking at some form of hand-held electronic device. It all looked very weird to say the least. And especially as I had been living abroad for a considerable number of years. Here are my notes from that exact day;

So there I stood in the cold weather at a bus stop which must have had at least 50 people or so, also waiting. 

There was something very common about each and every individual, they all had at least 1 smartphone between the party in which they were travelling, and if they happened to be alone the chances of that individual having a smartphone was more likely. 

You see, there were those that, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were talking to themselves..,

Finally, the number 30 bus arrives and there is a mini stampede towards the entrance as the door opens. Followed by a mixture of attitudes, from courteous glances of ; “After you…”  to wild agitated glances of ” I just got to get on that bus right now” 

Anyway, so automated and reliant on digital technology has the infrastructure developed that a recorded female voice narrates the journey, updating passengers at each bus stop as to the current location.

And if that is not enough the recording prompts passengers to;

“Please move down inside the bus” 

I wondered whether the pre recorded instructions was present in order to avoid any confrontation amongst passengers and the driver?

After all I do recall hearing of drivers being attacked by disgruntled passengers on the odd occasion.

As the journey progressed It became more and more apparent that this voice was obviously controlled by the driver especially when the voice started repeating itself and then adding “no standing on the upper deck”.

Unless there was some kind of sensor that was able to detect non moving passengers occupying the head room of what could only be a standing passenger.

As I was saying; of the 36 or so available and occupied seats  on the upper deck of this particular bus, only a handful of people seemed not to have a smartphone at the ready.

So what was it with the smartphones popularity?

Some people were having conversations, some playing games or engaged in other forms of entertainment whilst the odd few smiled, bemused by the text message they had just sent or received.

By the way you should have seen how many cameras were on the bus itself… 

Images: realbigenvelope.com


Hackney Conspired – Another Place?

Hackney Moscow Conspired-800x

Baltic Hackney

There are days when you wake up in Hackney and are greeted with the kind of scenery you would expect from countries of even colder climates (well, that’s the impression you get from the media and films). Anyway, in spite of this there is often a beautiful touch to this experience… And it works for the summer too.

Fairy Tale Hackney

Hackney Disney Conspired-800x

Four Themes for Photographers and Photobloggers

Interesting themes for photobloggers and photographers

WordPress.com News

Maybe you’re working on a 365 project, with a photo for each day of the year. With a couple months under your belt, you might be looking for a new theme to showcase your work. Let’s check out four themes where the typography and color palettes step aside so that your photos get your visitors’ full attention.


Made with photographers and photobloggers in mind, Cubic is eye-catching and bold out of the box. Its pleasing homepage grid showcases your posts’ featured images.

Consider this subtle, almost ethereal application of Cubic at WE THE BIRDS, a site “dedicated to the travelers, the nomads, the free spirits, the culturally aware, the expat kids.” The Birds’ muted photography looks fantastic with the theme’s dark filter option for featured images. Using the site logo feature, they’ve uploaded a beautiful feather illustration that lends a unique, personal touch to their…

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Could comets explain why there’s life on Earth? A lesson in chalk

TED Blog

When Justin Dowd worked as a food runner at a restaurant, he would sometimes doodle on the chalkboard in the kitchen. He had no idea that this skill — coupled with his ability to explain physics — would one day win him a trip to space.

The science writer and animator who created the TED-Ed lesson “Could comets be the source of life on Earth?” Dowd is known for illuminating concepts in physics — from Einstein’s discovery to black holes — using his own special brand of “chalkimation.” In 2012, his animated videos won him the Race for Space, a competition run by Metro to send a civilian astronaut on a short suborbital flight. Dowd will have a seat on-board the suborbital spaceplane XCOR Lynx and will chronicle his training and the flight for the newspaper.

We caught up with Dowd to talk about science, his upcoming trip to the cosmos and the wonders of creating this…

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Word Press Plugin – Shopper Press

Get CPR Trained TODAY

Shopper press is another plugin within word press that seems to act as a one stop solution this time for ecommerce.  All one needs to do is install the plugin, pick a theme, add products and start selling.  It supports both physical and digital goods, custom order forms, different languages and over 20 payment gateways.  Google analytics can also be integrated.  This is all bundled in a $79 package.  Seems like another one stop shop for setting up ecommerce for a small business.

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Anonymous Leaked A Massive List Of Passwords And Credit Card Numbers


Following through on threats of a Christmas hack, a Twitter account claiming affiliation with Anonymous released a list of what it says are usernames and passwords for 13,000 accounts on Amazon, PlayStation, XBox Live, Hulu Plus, Walmart and other retail and entertainment services.

The hack additionally included credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates.The trove was linked to in a Friday tweet.

In addition to providing account information for online retailer, gaming and video services, the cache also includes information for a variety of pornography sites. The Daily Dot has compiled a full list of affected companies.

And just to top it off, the group included a stolen download of “The Interview.” When Sony pulled the release of “The Interview,” Anonymous claimed…

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