The Problem With Luminar AI

The problem, at least for me, with Luminar AI, is that after achieving good looking results so fast, there is a tendency to explore further, and sometimes beyond what is necessary.

I suppose, that’s not really a problem, but for some photo-artist I can imagine what it must feel like, when say, typically you’d spend at least some time applying a few secret tricks before actually applying edit changes to your image. There’s a feeling of “…is that it?”

So… “is that it?”

Not quite. Because somehow, you’ll also discover that all the Photoshop skills you’ve learnt, although still relevant, is often not required when using Luminar AI. Which I suppose is why many Photo-Artist use both.

I personally have been using Luminar for preparing my images for both purely aesthetics and composing online content, since I was first introduced to, actually, Aurora HDR. And then Luminar…

Anyway, Luminar soon became the first standalone app I would reach for when the need for some image enhancing is required.

Luminar has also, since, moved on and has been rebuilt from the ground up using AI technology, which really does make a difference to the professional photgrapher.

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