How Charcoal is Made.

Hey, growing up in a busy modern environment can really make you blind to the processes involved in producing some of the most simple things we are surrounded by, things we may use everyday, and even things we eat.

Take charcoal for instance, as simple as it is, it actually requires some knowledge and skill for producing good quality charcoal.

Good quality ?

Yes, believe it or not, but there are different grades of charcoal.

Anyway, so when I heard the guys were making charcoal, I thought I’d come along and see for myself just what the process involves….

And no, I’m not that boring… I do get up to other stuff !

Wood is burnt underneath the soil_0378

Anyway, basically the idea is to bake the specially selected wood, underneath a bed of soil, or pit. The wood is set alight and buried until the charcoal sticks or blocks are formed. It does take a while – in our case a few days.

Making Charcoal_0376

Now, whilst charcoal production is mainly for cooking purposes – I thought I’d try this batch for sketching with… works okay!

making charcoal-

so we made our own charcoal

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