Thank you for visiting. I have put this website together for anyone wishing to learn more about brianjonesfrancis.

Most people will know me simply as Brian Francis, the ‘Jones’  in my name happens to be the fault of 1960’s Rolling Stones singer Brian Jones, yes I was named after him.

Anyway, I use my full name in order to be distinct from the other Brian Francis’ on the Internet, but also it has always been my secret intention to have a family business; Brian Jones (me) and Francis ( my family) –  I always try to dream ahead…

Many people misspell my name and call me ‘Brain’ instead of ‘Brian’, so just to let you know – I am easy going…

My occupation, job, hobby or whatever you want to call it is primarily as a Graphic Designer, however I have decided to experiment in being my own client. You can see some of the things I have been up to here or continue reading about the people I have worked with.

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