Exploring Camera Phone Photography


Now, I know I may be a little late in the day with this one, but hey, I’ve only been living like a hermit…

Although, I am still not convinced that camera phones can adequately provide both the high quality and befitting characteristics of the conventional SLR camera.

However, I do feel that you can get some fanciful results that may be good enough for both digital web use and commercial printing at, let’s say poster sizes…



Has the colours of a monster invasion styled poster for a 50’s movie.


Armed with just an iPhone 6 (yes, I know). Over the next few months, whilst I contemplate repairing, rather than buying a new DSLR camera. Until then I’m gonna “use the life outta this camera phone.”

And I’m already having fun with these monster looking photos of crabs.

You see, I think for web use, you can get away with producing both fine art photography and graphic arts pieces with a camera phone.

I mean, who sets the rules anyway?

Which leads me to wonder,  if anyone out there, can share examples of where camera phones have been used for high-quality printing. Which is the main qualm I have with the camera phone.

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gandi claws IMG_0330