Where does Bacon grow?

Big Chick, Green Eyes

Big Chick, Green Eyes

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I had heard long ago,  there would be a time that when asking a teenager the origins of food such as say bacon – the majority of them would have no idea that bacon is in fact cured pig meat.

If only Bacon grew on trees

I also heard of meat being grown in a laboratory using stem cell technology, which kind of perpetuates the predictions that a large population of the generations born after around, lets say, the year 2005 will have no clue where most of their food comes from.

Two-in-one horsey?

Two-in-one horsey?

And then you have this situation in the UK where traces of horse meat were found in foods claiming to be beef. Yet another reason why the new generations may lose touch with the origins of the food they eat.

Ironically, Findus or Find Us, just so happened to be one of the brands said to be affected by the horse meat scandal and going the ‘whole hog’ by containing 100% horse meat in some of their beef packaged products. All puns intended ( give me a break I am trying to be funny).

Now, did you know for some people and in certain parts of the world horse meat is a delicacy ? So consider yourself getting more than value for your money when you next buy a ‘Find Us’ Lasagne. But that’s not the point really, is it ?

People just don’t like being told things contrary to the truth or actuality. I mean surely, if we wanted to eat horse meat today, we’d bloody well go out looking for a can of horse meat…

So now think about all those Hot Dogs you’ve been cheated out of in the past.


Bird in My Room

bird in my room_0150b

There was a bird in my room, literally trying to go through the glass window.

– Look see for yourself…

yellow bird_0152b

Then it started making these symbolic gestures…
( hey haven’t I written this somewhere else already?)

yellow bird_0153bb

Alas, tired from its antics the yellow breasted bird finally allows me to take a shot.

Can anyone tell what’s the name of this bird ?