Digital Art – Getting (Re)started…

After recently downloading and playing around with Affinity Designer, a vector drawing package by the generous people at Serif, I guess I just got hooked, making Affinity Designer a definite purchase and recommendation for graphic artists and illustrators.

The following is just some of the artwork examples I created using either, or both, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Now, what you’ll find about using both programs is that they play quite nicely together. Allowing you to easily copy and paste you vector drawn work from Affinity Designer, into Affinity Photo.

You can then use Affinity Photo for creating more organic tonal images as shown in the example below:

Disk Space

There is one thing to watch out for though, and that is how hungry for disk space these applications can be. So, getting hold of an external hard drive, at least a few terabytes worth, might be a good idea.

Speaking of external hard-drives, and therefore equipment. Most digital artists and illustrators use pen tablets and other tools that help make the drawing or painting process a more natural experience.

However, if you do not have the luxury of such tools and you at least have a decent desktop, or laptop, you can always use your mouse.

Painting with a Brick

Yes, I know, it is kind of like painting with a brick, and a little redundant, but with some practice and patience you can get there. Think of it as an initiation towards perfecting your skills and knowledge using the software.


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