Photo Editing | Intelligent Sky Replacement

Landscape Photographers Dream?

One of the things I have been enjoying lately is the power and flexibility of Skylum Software. If you are not familiar with Skylum, then please allow me to introduce you.

Skylum, formerly Macphun, are a creative and innovative software business that provide Pro and hobbyist apps that are very easy to use and equally as powerful.

If you were to ask me who is it for? My answer would quite sincerely be anyone. And here is why.

To begin with, there is Photolemur, which is a drop-dead simple photo enhancer for all the family. Photolemur allows you to enhance your photo with no to very little manual editing.

Then you have the “Big Boys n Gals” software, in Luminar and Aurora HDR. Luminar comes in a few shades including; Luminar Flex, the plugin and extension for most users wanting instant gratification with the different Looks available as well as use with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

And finally, there is Luminar ‘standalone,’ if I can call it that, especially as the current versions I have been using are all available as standalone as well as plugin/extension apps. The latest Luminar, version 4+ is super cool with the enhanced AI Sky Replacement feature.

The Plus for mac Users

It’s a joy how Luminar works with Photos for macOS. It kinda gives Photos for macOS more value. And especially with iCloud working in the background. Check out my related posts below for more.


Auto Sky Enhancement
Landscape & Portrait Photography

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