Is It Really Worth Learning Code?

Learning Code Online


Okay, so perhaps you’re a blogger, or maybe you have an ecommerce store which you have successfully built without any coding experience whatsoever.

– Hey, after all WordPress (and others), does make it all so much easier…

Or does it?

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much more control you would have, with not just with the appearance of your WordPress website or blog, but also other features and functions such as integration with print-on-demand services, social media and other third party offerings, as well as enhancements to the way in which users interact with your content?

Pretty long question huh?

Intimidating as code may first seem, learning code, or working with code is really a matter of shortening a long question into meaningful instructions, identifying patterns and what they signify. Well in short…(okay, okay, in my idea of ‘in short’).

Anyway, of course you’ll need to know and understand the more ‘advanced basics’ (if i can call that – for the sake of not making coding sound really, really easy). In order to even begin to encroach the world of the programmer / engineer. You will need some form of training or formal studies.

Start coding yourself

However, you can largely get away by simple observation, trying things out and picking up tips from the numerous coding related sites available online. There are sites such as;, and of course

I would make a guess though, that for most WordPress  ‘non code bloggers’ their first introduction to code would be through wanting to achieve one the following:

a) inserting code in your widgets sidebar

b) formatting items on a page, such as applying a specific colour, alignment of images and graphics…anything that is not readily doable within the WordPress default you are currently subjected to working with.

 Using WordPress, what was your first reason for applying code yourself?

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So, is it really worth learning code – What do you think?

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