Going Bananas

International Food Fair & Banana Festival.

Whilst here in Saint Lucia, I recently helped with the annual International Food Fair on the behalf of the Southern Tourism Development Corporation.


For the event the Banana was highlighted as an important or significant commodity. The intention was to showcase exhibits that captured the different aspects of the Banana business, and tell the story of Saint Lucia’s History In The Export Banana Business, And Its Socio-Economic Impact.

You can view examples of the intended displays, videos and other related material here.

Some of the things I learnt about Bananas.


©realbigenvelope.com | Flowering Banana, Saint Lucia.

For one, I had never seen a flowering Banana plant before, nor did I have any idea that the Banana plant (or tree as it’s often called) is actually a herb. Never mind the fact that there are 1000’s of varieties worldwide…( learn more at lucianlime.co)



©2016 lucianlime.co | Packing Banana ( Fair Trade boxes)

I was also shown, courtesy of Winfresh, the complete process of Banana cultivating, right through to packing for export. I can tell you, there is a lot of emphasis on hygiene and ensuring that the quality of the produce meets the required standards.


The event was ‘branded’ with a specially designed logo incorporating an image of the Banana and conveying the Southern Tourism Development Corporation’s  embracing of the event. The logo elements are interchangeable and may contain different messages, colors and images for the individual exhibits, or even future events.

Learn More at Bananafestival-Replay



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