Flying Hairy Moth

Tiger Moth and Fighter Planes…uncanny resemblance ?


However, resemblance isn’t the only feature that may have been borrowed from the hairy moth….


I can’t help but look at these images and think of the man made versions of the moth. The Tiger Moth Plane, that is. I know, I know – the moth displayed in the following looks nothing like the Tiger Moth Fighter Plane, but, you can see the resemblance between this particular moth (I think it’s an Elephant Hawk Moth) and of some of the fighter plane designs today.

Did you know that the moth has a natural ability to fly mostly undetected during the night ?


Even the ultrasonic waves emitted by a bat are neutralised due to the hair or cilia that these moths wear. 


Although I couldn’t find what appeared to be an exact match for the main moth pictured above, the Elephant Hawk, without its markings, does look very close.


Wanna know what else we borrow from the moth ?

It’s eyes…

well not literally, but you see, moths eyes are coated with “nanoscale irregularities” which eliminate or reduce reflections, in turn this allows the moth to see well in dark conditions and without reflections giving away its location… ( think I’ll need to read up more on that one…)

Anyway, here are some more moth inspired technologies…

– Coatings for Solar Panels

Anti-glare Screen Technology

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